The QMEA Board is made up of a number of experienced company and government representatives who are vital in the continuation of QMEA and its agenda moving forward.

Glencore MIM MINE
  • Ian Macfarlane (Chair)
    Chief Executive, QRC


  • Bevan Brennan
    Assistant Director General, Department Education and Training


  • Vincent Cosgrove
    General Manager – People and External Affairs, Hastings Deering


  • Peter Dowling
    Specialist Community, Coal Corporate Affairs, BHP Billiton
  • Helen Huntly
    Pro Vost Central Queensland University


  • Fiona McLeod
    Acting GM Government and External Affairs, ConocoPhillips Australia East


  • Melissa Nugent
    Manager, Engagement and Partnerships, Science & Engineering Faculty, QUT


  • Matt O’Neill
    Chief Mining Officer Copper Assets North Queensland, Glencore Mount Isa Mine