Nishara Lyons

A Brisbane based Visualisation Architect and a mentor in our QRC/WIMARQ 2019 Girls Mentoring Program! Her role involves analyzing client data and turning it into visually dynamic outcomes that make it easy to achieve productivity gains.


Q: What sparked your interest to work in the resources sector?

A: The capability in the resources sector to travel to far-flung places, and the opportunity to work on site and see the processing taking place.


Q: Was there someone/something that inspired you to pursue your current career?

A: I have an eye for detail and I wanted to work in an innovative field


Q: Can you explain the pathway you took to your current job?

A: I did maths and sciences at school and a materials engineering degree at uni. I worked in a number of industries (Industrial research, Tax and Real Estate) before finding a role as a Process Engineer/Metallurgist in Coal.


Q: What challenges do you face in your job?

A: The push to keep analysing in order to get better or more accurate results in tension with the push to produce results quickly.


Q: What do you enjoy about your job?

A: The team I work with is very diverse and we work in a highly collaborative environment. This yields great conversations every day, which I love.


Q: What has been your experience being a female employed in the resources sector?

A: Working for a Primary processing plant (on site) was definitely challenging, and although attitudes are changing, I believe we need strong, confident women to lead the way in this area. I found the experience quite draining. There are still challenges where I am, of course, but I feel like there is a baseline of respect in the corporate offices.


Q: If there was one key message that you would leave with students considering a career in the resources sector, what would it be?

A: Don’t wait for others to show you or tell you what you should be in the industry or what area you should pursue. Strive to be self-aware and full of integrity so that you are above reproach.

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