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Course Description

Program Description

This activity focuses on water testing treatment and management on a mine site. It contains a series of fact sheets, activities and practical problems that teachers can use with their year 7 science classes.

It is coordinated with a visit to the school by an industry expert who can add vital real world knowledge and application of the activities and concepts the students have been studying.

This set of activities and lesson ideas helps cover the following elements from the Australian Curriculum for Science – ACSSU113, ACSSU116, ACSHE121, ACSIS124, ACIS125, ACSIS126, ACSIS131, ACSIS133.


Please note: this program provides schools with a suite of resources to use within the classroom, and QMEA is not present at this activity.

Program Benefits

  • All activities & resources are linked to the Australian Curriculum and can be used by entire classes/cohorts minimising disruption to class.
  • Students see and hear the real-world application to their classroom learning and engage with industry professionals to gain a unique insight to the world of work

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