Welcome to the 2023 Santos GLNG Digtal Challenge

Congratulations on participating in the 2023 Santos GLNG Digital Challenge.  The focus of this challenge is to develop a digital artifact that allows you to communicate your knowledge and understanding of either the types of roles people who work for Santos GLNG perform or the Santos GLNG plant itself.

A digital artifact is an item or object that is created in a digital format.  Examples of digital artifacts are animations, interactive quizzes, websites, or software applications (games).

You can choose how you would like to create your digital artifact.  There will be four categories you may enter your digital artifact in.

  1. Best Use of Programming
  2. Best Use of Content
  3. Best Overall Project
  4. People’s choice award

Dr Damien Kee videos

This challenge will have video support provided for how to use Scratch Programming blocks.  The following videos are aimed at supporting students to go beyond basic Scratch Programming to enhance their digital artefact.

For students who are still new to Scratch Programming see the support videos.

Support Videos

Animation Challenge

Quiz Challenge

Game Challenge

Curriculum documents

The following resources will help you achieve your best in the challenge.

Supporting resources

GLNG Illustrations

A collection of illustrations that will load nicely into the DigiTech Programming Environment.  These would be great as Sprites and props within your creation.

GLNG Photos

A selection of photos from the GLNG Plant as well as aerial photography of the site.  These images would suit as backdrops to your DigiTech Program.

Role position descriptions

These position descriptions outline the tasks that are performed by staff at the GLNG plant.  This document is the same as what is used within Santos GLNG, and is purposefully not a ‘simplified’ version.  The challenge is to draw out the relevant information as necessary and present it in a meaningful and engaging way.

Role interviews

Select interviews with staff members from the Santos GLNG plant, talking about their roles and the duties they typically undertake.

Santos vision

Video footage of Santos GLNG operations

Useful links

‘Did you know’ infographics

A collection of infographics by the QRC that demonstrate how essential the minerals and energy sector is to our everyday lives.

Oresome Careers

Students can explore the breadth of careers in the resources sector through this interactive. Includes mining, logistics, renewables, oil and gas and more.

Shape your Future, Innovate our World

A video featuring 10 real-life resource company employees in their day-to-day lives.

Make your move in a career that matters

Explore the stories behind the video – with bios on key careers in the resources sector, as well as links to find out more.