We caught up Lleyton Peterson, last year’s recipient of a scholarship from BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) to find out what he got up to in his scholarship year and his plans for the future.

Lleyton, a QMEA Ambassador in 2022, said he enjoyed his first year of engineering at the University of Queensland (UQ) which also meant a move away from his family home in Bundaberg.

I had some interesting times learning to cook for myself but I am enjoying it and the independence which comes from moving out of home,” said Lleyton.

Lleyton said joining the UQ Mountain Club had been a real highlight and given him some great experiences in his first year at Uni.

“I went down to the Blue Mountains with the club and did some rock climbing in gorgeous spots in that area, which was amazing, he said.

Personal accountability for your study schedule was the biggest change from school to university, according to Lleyton.

“There isn’t anyone standing over your shoulder telling you what to do and when to do it,” said Lleyton.

“You need to have some self-discipline to get the work done and take responsibility.”

The BMA scholarship helped ease the financial pressure of living out of home.

“I used the funds to help pay for my rent and was able to manage my own finances without relying too heavily on my parents for support, and I am grateful for that, he said.

Lleyton is now in his second year at UQ and looking forward to delving more into his specialty – electrical engineering.

“I’m keen to learn how to program different circuits to perform a variety of tasks, which is a skill I can use in the workforce.

Does Lleyton recommend getting into engineering? You bet he does.

“If you are contemplating studying engineering after school then I think you should go for it,” said Lleyton.

It is a really interesting course and there is a world of possibilities open to you once you’ve finished your degree.”

Thanks for talking to us Lleyton and sharing the mountains you’ve climbed during your scholarship year in 2023. We think it has set you up for a great future.

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