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Capella students have learned the basics of ‘design thinking’, a new concept that has been improving the success rate of innovation the world over.

Capella State High School students were led by award-winning educators STEMPunks in the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA) workshop.

“In a globally competitive business, Glencore Coal is reliant every day on innovation to streamline our business,” said Anthony Exelby, Human Resources Manager at Glencore.

“We’re very proud to support these events to open students’ eyes to these new concepts and learn to problem solve in a very practical way.”

Head of Junior Secondary at Capella SHS Stephanie MacGregor said it was a great opportunity to learn something new and discover how their classroom work can relate to real-world problem solving.

“It’s the second time STEMPunks has visited the school and I know students are excited about their return,” she said.

STEM Punks won the Emerging and Energised award in Telstra business awards.

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