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Young scientific minds had a day of exploration and discovery at a school workshop delivered by the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA) yesterday.

Year 9 students from Capella and Clermont State High Schools participated in a range of hands-on science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) activities thanks to the generous support of Glencore Coal.

Capella State High School principal, Corey Kempthorne, said the ‘Beakers. Bots. Build.’ workshop had sparked the students’ curiosity about the world of STEM.

“The aim of the day was to give them a different perspective to the STEM lessons they’ve been having in the classroom and laboratory,” said Mr Kempthorne.

“The QMEA workshop, delivered with Glencore Coal team members, immersed the students into how STEM studies apply to the real-world, particularly the resources sector.”

Anthony Exelby, Human Resources Manager at Glencore Coal said he hoped the educational experience had sparked an interest in pursuing STEM studies which could ultimately lead to a career in the resources industry.

“Engineers, programmers, metallurgists and geologists are just some of the roles critical to our operations and I hope today’s activities have opened students’ minds to the potential careers available in organisations like Glencore Coal,” Mr Exelby said.

Katrina-Lee Jones, Director for Education, Skills and Diversity of the Queensland Resources Council (QRC) said the ‘Beakers. Bots. Build’ workshop was a popular QMEA program for good reason.

“This workshop has something for everyone – the activities include programming model EV robots, exploring how this technology can be used on a mine site and they investigate how light, laser and mirrors can help to improve safety in an underground environment,” said Ms Jones.

It is a big day of discovery for the students and our hope that one of the key findings for them is the understanding of the diverse range of careers available to them in the resources industry,” she said.

“The QMEA is committed to exciting students about STEM studies and showing them how this can lead to a future employment and a fulfilling career.”

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