Sarah Harris Long

The Land & Tenures Director at Tri-Star Petroleum.


Q: Can you explain what your role entails?

A: I manage Tri-Star’s portfolio of tenements and the related landholder, Native Title, cultural heritage and environmental relationships.


Q: What sparked your interest to work in the resources sector?

A: The strong collaborative approach and continual learning opportunities within the industry.


Q: Was there someone/something that inspired you to pursue your current career?

A: I started my career as a petroleum geologist but was quickly identified by management as having an affinity for tenures and I have remained in this area ever since.


Q: Can you explain the pathway you took to your current job?

A: I studied English, Maths and Science at high school which were particularly useful for my two university degrees – a Business (Communications) degree and a Geology degree – both from the Queensland University of Technology. Having a strong English, Maths and Science background works particularly well in tenures, where I apply a lot of geological thinking and business/commercial strategies to tenure matters. I have also been the content editor for the PESA News magazine since 2014 as a direct result of this skill set


Q: What challenges do you face in your job?

A: In tenures, you are always faced with hard deadlines. Missing a deadline could potentially result in the loss of a tenement so the decisions I make with my team are always business-critical.


Q: What do you enjoy about your job?

A: No two days at the same, I get to work across a large variety of projects and can make tangible contributions to the business.


Q: What has been your experience being a female employed in the resources sector?

A: My experience has been great – I have a fantastic group of female friends who also work in the resources industry. I would encourage everyone to consider a career in resources.


Q: If there was one key message that you would leave with students considering a career in the resources sector, what would it be?

A: The industry has a lot to offer and the career pathways are limitless.

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