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Inquisitive students from Roma State College and St John’s School Roma this week dove into a sea of science discovery at a workshop delivered by the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA), the education branch of the Queensland Resources Council (QRC).

Thanks to Senex Energy, about 60 Year 7 students soaked up new water management skills at a science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) focussed workshop aimed at inspiring the next generation to pursue rewarding careers in the resources and energy sector.

QRC Director of Skills, Education and Diversity, Ms Katrina-Lee Jones said students took the plunge alongside industry representatives to delve into the fascinating realm of water treatment and responsible water use.

“Cleverly tailored to the National Science Curriculum, this learning experience helped students understand how the resources and energy sector responsibly interacts with a precious commodity like water,” Ms Jones said.

“Students worked in teams to test different water filtration methods whilst also factoring in operational parameters like cost management, before treating their water to precise standards suitable for releasing to the surrounding environment.”

Senex Energy Community Relations Manager Trevor Robertson said this engaging exercise not only showcased their critical thinking, problem-solving, and design prowess but also familiarised them with the industrial challenges of treating water to a regulated quality, while considering economic and process engineering intricacies.

“Under the guidance of experienced STEM professionals from Senex, students had the opportunity today to hear firsthand about the fulfilling career prospects awaiting them in the resources sector, especially in the Surat Basin,” Mr Robertson said.

“We hope today’s educational experience has encouraged these budding young scientists to continue their STEM studies and embark on tertiary pathways that will lead them to a rewarding future in our industry.”

Roma State College Executive Principal, Mr Regan Gant said students particularly enjoyed seeing how innovative technology is used in STEM professions.

“Students used real-time water quality monitoring and data logging equipment in today’s lesson to identify the efficacy of their water treatment methods,” Mr Gant said.

“Our school thoroughly enjoys hosting these immersive QMEA workshops as they help bridge the gap between classroom theories and real-world applications, providing our students with a dynamic and fun learning experience to prepare them for life beyond school.”

As Australia’s largest and most successful industry-led education and schools initiative, the QMEA seeks to broaden student and teacher knowledge of career opportunities in resources.

The academy encourages a talent pipeline of employees into vocational and professional careers, with a focus on female and Indigenous participation. The QMEA currently engages with over 90 schools and is a partnership between the QRC and the Queensland Government under its Gateway to Industry Schools program.

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