Dalby and Chinchilla students will step into a virtual world and use augmented reality in a 3D design challenge today.

The workshop for 100 local students at Dalby State High School’s Bunya Campus is being run by the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA).

“We’re very excited about this new activity designed by our world-leading science technology engineering and maths (STEM) educators STEM Punks,” said Tammy Grady, QMEA’s Project Manager, Education and Innovation.

“In this workshop, students will learn about the process of CSG extraction and design a gas-pipeline in 3D space.

“They will review their designs using Augmented Reality (AR) and project their designs in the classroom.

“They’ll also learn about Virtual Reality (VR) and its uses in remote maintenance and training. They will use VR to ‘walk’ through a gas-plant in 3D space and be challenged to resolve a maintenance issue with a gas-valve.”

The students will be mentored by staff from QMEA sponsor Arrow Energy. Arrow Water Infrastructure Lead Jamie Robertson team will host a water testing activity for students to identify water quality types.

“Students will gain an understanding of water guidelines in Queensland how companies like Arrow have to meet or exceed those standards as part of their daily business,” Mr Robertson said.

“It will be a good exercise for them to use equipment to differentiate water samples that look the same to the eye.

“Arrow is a keen supporter of QMEA as these hands-on activities give students a taste of how resources companies operate in their local region, and the exciting career possibilities in the sector.”

Students will also program a LEGO EV3 robot to make a well head assessment via remote operation and learn about the role that drones play in resources and agricultural businesses. They will be presented a problem and will create a solution using drone technology.

“These hands-on activities really help to bring classroom teaching to life by creating a link between the theory and practical use,” said Jason Marini, Deputy Principal Dalby State High School.

“The QMEA programs also give our students an advantage in understanding the many careers available in the resources sector, and the pathways into the sector.”

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